Pandanus Beach Playground

Pandanus Beach Playground

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On the Bayside there are multitudes of parks and playgrounds, all with fabulous views of the water, some with great access to facilities and cafe's, and a huge range of playgrounds and equipment. Effort will be made to cover many of them, but this review is based on a family favourite at Pandanus Beach in Wynnum. It is located at the end of Charlotte Street on Wynnum Esplanade, and is sometimes known locally as the ' Whale Park ' due its charming spurting whales.

On a warm day it seems that all children love these big blue guys. The random spurts make for some hilarious enjoyment by the youngsters sitting or climbing on them, cooling down in the shade and water.

It is a beautiful place to relax with some take away fish'n'chips, or have a barbeque at the clean facilities. Note that the barbeque's take quite a bit of work to get warm and stay that way so plan ahead if you're planning a good fry up. Tables and seating are well located so that the grown ups can sit and keep a good eye on the little ones playing in the adventure playground.

This is one of the waterfront's nicest playgrounds, with plenty of space for lots of children, handy given that this place is mobbed on weekends and sunny afternoons. If you have small children then it is perfect in the morning after school has started, pleasantly quiet, clean and tidy. Even the often conspicuous 'tip turkeys' (aka ibis's), are in low numbers given that the bins have been emptied. Alternatively there's another playground that's a little bit more under four friendly, with some smaller slides, swings and rocking toys, but it's a bit older and a little worn out.

There is so much fun to be had here, with slides, climbing nets, spinning thingies (do they have a name?), forts and a gorgeous little play 'fish and tackle' shop. The maritime theming is delightful and inspires creative play in children of all ages.

Nearby is the historical Wynnum Wading pool, large toilet facilities, cafe and take away shops, a Pier and Pandanus Beach itself. The beach so named for the cluster of pandanus palms along the shoreline. The little beach has a surprising patch of white sand, giving visitors some pleasant access to the bay waters if they are willing. The kids may even enjoy some digging and water play if the sandy playground isn't enough for them.

The park is open all year round, although the Whales are sometimes down for maintenance.

Overall a good place to visit with the whole family.


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