Hawthorne Park Playground

Hawthorne Park Playground

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Hawthorne Park playground, on Riding Road, is a fantastic place to spend an hour with kids of any age. We visited early during the Easter holidays and were amazed to have the playground to ourselves, as it's usually very busy.

Fun for all ages

There is a good range of equipment for a range of age groups. Younger children will enjoy the sandpit with structures to climb on and sit in.

Great sandpit

There is also a lie down swing as well as a standard baby swing. The colourful interactive boards are fun for toddlers and have cogs to turn and a steergin wheel.

Youll find the usual swings

And also a lie down swing

Older children can have fun on the climbing nets, spinning corckscrews and monkey bars. There is an unusual "Evo Glider" slide for over 5's. Supervision is needed here as there are no sides so it can be easy to fall.

Evo Glider Slide for over 5s

Great climbing structures for older kids

As well as the usual swings and see-saws, there are also some unusual features that I haven't seen in many other parks, including a mechanical digger in the sandpit and an arm rotor. These are great for hand/eye coordination for over 3's.

I havent seen this arm rotor in many other parks

The digger is great for handeye coordination

The playground is inclusive and caters for disabled children with features such as the wheelchair-friendly Sway Fun Glider and the braille board. There are several disabled parking spaces on Riding Road, right next to the playground.

Sway Fun Glider

The playground is fenced, so it's a relaxing place to spend time with younger kids. However, the toilets are on the opposite side of the park. For coffee options nearby, check out Ooniverse Family Cafe across the park on Hawthorne Road, or Our Haus on Riding Road.

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